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1point5 Oy and Venditor Oy begin cooperation

Venditor Oy, represented by CEO Fredrik Ahlström provides the following equipment for the sawmill industry

  • Advanced kiln control systems from Alent Dynamic
  • Kiln drying equipment from Incomac and Os Panto
  • Boilers and Bio-Energy solutions from Againity and Bio Mobitec
  • Bespoke robotics solutions from Robotion or contact klaus@1point5 or gavin@1point5 for further information.

Thank you to Iisveden Metsä & Tommy Lindström for your trust in 1point5 Oy and BM&M Screens.

Yesterday we signed a delivery contract for BM&M's CS counterflow by-product screen for delivery and installation in summer this year.

After seeing the results of testing their own by-products in B&M's test facility in the UK, the decision was very fast. 

Swedish Ingenjörsfirma G. Hedlund AB, represented by 1point5 Oy in Finland, will deliver in the summer of 2023 a by-product handling system for Junnikkala Oy's future sawmill in Oulu.


Junnikkala's Janne Pyy states - Hedlunds commits to be involved in creating a new, more modern, more energy efficient and safer system for handling by-products together with Junnikkala. We are building a facility where the by-products will be handled in a completely different way. Hedlund was able to provide solutions for this.

Pictured from left: Janne Pyy, Lars Lindvall (Hedlund), Klaus Jansson Jr (1point5) and Kalle Junnikkala.

The Canadian screen manufacturer BM&M, together with the screening giant Rotex have partnered with 1point5 Oy to represent their advanced high-speed gyratory screening solutions in Finland's wood industry


Since 1968 BM&M have delivered over 5000 screening solutions globally, with over 2500 of them in the forest products industries. Klaus Jansson Jr, Sales Director at 1point5 Oy said: "Nordic sawmills have spent too little attention to really maximize the quality and yield of high-quality chips. BM&M screening solutions have new techniques to reduce the amount of chips ending up in sawdust silos and can offer different designs with a smaller footprint as traditional screens."

Patrick Harf, Sales Engineer for BM&M in Europe said: "BM&M are excited to partner with 1point5 Oy in Finland. We are sure that our products will help sawmills to improve their chip quality and screening efficiency. Since BM&M merged with Rotex Europe into The Rotex Group, we are offering spare parts, service and lab-testing from our office in Runcorn/England. Our machines are manufactured in Europe according to European Standards. We are proud the well-connected and dedicated wood experts at 1point5 Oy are partnering with us to have a professional and even more local support in Finland."

Ingenjörsfirma Gösta Hedlund AB, represented by 1point5 Oy, will supply by-product handling equipment for Pölkky Oy's Kajaani project


In the autumn of 2023, the Swedish Ingenjörsfirma Gösta Hedlund AB, represented by 1point5 Oy, will deliver a complete system for chips and sawdust handling to Pölkky Oy's Kajaani sawmill. At the heart of the system are Hedlund's shaftless screw conveyors, which will keep the lower level clean and safe. Lars Lindvall, CEO of Hedlunds, says they are honoured to have been selected the successful vendor in Pölkky's new world class sawmill. - It will be a great place to have our latest technology in Finland. According to Harri Mourujärvi of Pölkky, Hedlunds was chosen as the supplier because their delivery time fit well into the project and because, despite the advanced technology, Hedlunds' price was competitive.

1point5 Oy is proud to welcome Alexandra Krimer, Environmental Engineering student as summer intern


1point5 Oy is proud to welcome Alexandra Krimer, Environmental Science student as summer intern to 1point5 to lead our 'Project Zero'

Alexandra said, "I am a second year Environmental Engineering student at XAMK. I have a completed business administration degree and 5 years of international work experience, however, my desire to make our planet cleaner has made me go back to studies.

My deep interest lies especially in a forest sector, and solutions that support reaching carbon neutrality and climate change mitigation.

As a person I am open-minded, outgoing and positive. I am results driven and constantly look for possibilities to improve. My colleagues say that I possess inspiring and productive approach at work. In my free time I sing in a choir, enjoy cooking and spending time with my family.

I am excited to become a part of this project, curious to learn more, and work together with such professionals as Gavin and Klaus!"

Welcome Alexandra! 

DryTech, represented by 1point5 Oy, will deliver the first dryer controls to Finland


In the summer of 2022, Swedish DryTech AB, represented by 1point5 Oy, will supply the control system and fan units to six chamber dryers to be delivered to Orasko Timber. Although the deal is small, Klaus Jansson Jr., Sales Director of 1point5 Oy, considers it a significant opening for both 1point5 and DryTech. "There is also a need in the dryer market for a small and fast-moving supplier that can serve customers in a variety of ways." 

Timbeter established a partnership with Finnish wood industry professionals 1point5

Timbeter partnered up with Finnish wood industry professionals 1point5 for selling and distributing the Timbeter digital solutions in Finland. 1point5 has extensive international experience working in sawmilling and wood processing operations and helping companies solve daily problems and optimize operational efficiency.

Gavin Cruickshank, the CEO of 1point5 stated: "As the timber industry is developing really fast, innovation and digitalization are critical to keep up with the competition. 1point5 partnered up with Timbeter to support our clients more in the digital transformation process that would increase the operational efficiency, provide precise information and save costs".

Anna-Greta Tsahkna the CEO of Timbeter said: "We see great synergy in working with the industry professionals especially when the sector is going through major changes and has a great role in the process of achieving the sustainable development goals and the target set in the Paris climate agreement".

Timbeter is a forest tech company specializing in timber measurement and data management using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Solution is available in 16 different languages and will be available also in Finnish from 10.05.

1point5 Oy is a Finnish wood industry company providing consulting, sawmill equipment sales and project management services in Finland and around the world. 

Wood From Finland Conference


We will be attending the Wood From Finland Conference 28.4.2022. We are really looking forward to catch up with old friends, and talk sawmills and wood with you all. If you don't see us around, and want to chat, give Gavin a call 050 3734210. See you there!

Sahateollisuuspäivät (Sawmill Days) 


We are an exhibitor at the Sahateollisuuspäivät (Sawmill Days) 10-11.11.2021 in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna. Book your place in our workshop and come listen to everything 1point5 has to offer you.


Klaus & Gavin 

IT streamlining

2021-04-30 Short Downtime

On Tuesday 4.5 from 08:00 - 13:00 1point5 Oy are streamlining our IT infrastructure, and it is possible there will be delays in e-mail, web, and other digital services. 

Please be patient if you are trying to contact us. If we do not respond to your messages in the afternoon, please contact us again. or call Gavin +358 50 3734210 / Klaus +358 40 500 2299. We will be back stronger and better!.

1point5 Oy Strengthens the team


1point5 Oy warmly welcomes Klaus Jansson Jr. to the team. Klaus is an experienced sawmill machinery specialist. His depth of technical knowledge and understanding is impressive; he can clearly make the most complex new ideas and processes understandable to any audience.
As a sales professional, he excels in all desirable attributes. He is well presented, eloquent in several languages, culturally experienced, knowledgeable, well-connected, charismatic, open minded, diligent, honest, with solid, proven negation skills. These are not unusual attributes in many sales professionals, however what makes Klaus unique is that his Personality is down-to-earth showing empathy, humour and leadership skills that 'gets things done' He is also continuing the forth generation specialising in sawmill machinery business, and that can be seen in his ability to innovate and provide the best solution to each customer.

Welcome Klaus! Let's Rock & Roll!