Practical Consulting

Practical, down to Earth, no nonsense consulting.
  • For sawmill industry
  • For particleboard industry
  • For other types of industries

Down to Earth practical leaders, with global industrial project and wood industry experience.

Humanistic and passionate leaders of people, specialising in project management, wood technology, team development, communication, change management and business development, with truly global industrial experience. 

With more than 80 combined years of industrial management experience in Russia, North America, Nordics, UK, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, and more, we built up a solid reputation as leaders, Project Managers and Engineers who brought people together and developed teams to achieve great results. Very goal oriented, our projects came in on time and on budget, with key objectives achieved.

By calling on our wide ranging global industrial experience, we offer through 1point5 Oy project management, industrial consulting, feasibility studies, project planning, leadership & people, installation supervision, wood industry equipment search and sales.